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Grit Academy is a registered triathlon club. You can find an overall solution for your development in this sport starting from level 0 to completing races and achievements in it.

The majority of our athletes have important responsibilities such as work, family, social life but as well they have this little devil of desire to compete and develop in sports.

In our program, we take into consideration the development of multiple athletic skills such as endurance and strength, psychological preparation of the athlete for races but as well we stay agile towards the needs of the athlete.

Each athlete of the Grit Academy receives a personalized annual preparation plan which consists of the following modules:

-1 basis- general strength preparation, development of basic athletic skills and basic endurance

-2 specific base preparation- we set the basis of sport specific strength and conditioning along with the three sports

-3 specific race preparation- preparation for the races both physically and psychically

-4 control modules- we control the training process through regular performance tests and make adjustments where needed depending on the results



Lyubomir Spassow

Lyubomir Spassow is the driver of the signature system for sports preparation of athletes School...



Цена: 200 лв.
Време: 12 months
Дни: Monday-Sunday