Години : 33
Ръководителски опит : 10

Lyubomir Spassow is the driver of the signature system for sports preparation of athletes School of character.

He has graduated the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”. During his master’s studies in the area of sports psychology he was also leading classes for “Theory and methodology of sports preparation” in the academy where he stood out with his charismatic behavior and desire to help the students with embedding practical directions and examples in the theory.

His working methods stand out by his desire to understand each training individual, his reasoning, needs and motivation. He believes there are no weak people but only people lacking discipline. This is his main requirement- being dedicated to the process and paying attention to the details.

Lyubomir Spassow believes quality comes over quantity. Each repetition should be at its finest and the set should be a total of perfect repetitions.

At present his desire for self improvement has led him towards another masters degree- in the area of Triathlon.


Lyubomir does not take the gym as the start and end of being active. His main call to everyone is to participate in a sport, any sport. Every step of his work with people is a push in this direction- for them to try running, cycling, swimming, etc. This is where the athlete can see what they are made of and how prepared they are.

He has been selected by many athletes to lead their sports preparation for different races including the local cross-triathlon Lion Heart or the emblematic IronMan.

He is also racing side by side with the athletes he prepares to keep them in shape.

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Треньор по колоездене
Национална спортна академия "Васил Левски"
Спортна психология
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  • Програмиране и ръководене 100 %
  • Дисциплина 100 %
  • Техническа подготовка 97 %