Services and prices

Monthly Fee

Individual classes

This service is a good solution for someone looking for fully focused personal training. It is also a suitable option for someone who is a beginner and is setting foot at the gym for the first time.

The service includes a training plan and guidelines for proper nutrition which will support you during the training process.

*Gym membership is not included in the price.

  • 8 individual classes
  • Training plan
  • Nutrition plan

Monthly Fee

Group strength and conditioning classes

The group classes are suitable for everyone looking for a social interaction and becoming a member of a sports society. As per our quality standards, the groups are limited to 8 people so that everyone can get the right level of attention and can be properly monitored for proper execution of the exercises.

*Gym membership is not included in the price.

  • Дни: Понеделник и Сряда
  • Час : 18:00-19:00
  • Day: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Time: 07:30-08:30
  • Nutrition guidelines: Yes
  • Personal diary: Yes
  • 8 classes

Monthly Fee

Yearly sports preparation plan

This service includes end-to-end management and preparation of a yearly training plan aligned with the sports and races you want to prepare for. It includes a detailed and structured calendar plan including all of your sports, your goals in terms of races and results you are looking to achieve.
The complete service includes monitoring of the progress, control by the coach and periodical communication to discuss progress and adjust the plan where needed.
The structured yearly calendar includes monthly, weekly and daily details on the trainings in terms of time spent in training, type of sport to cover, targeted peak periods, etc.
School of character is a registered triathlon club where you can find an end-to-end solution for your preparation starting from zero to completing races and achieving your sports goals.

  • Opportunity for remote management and communication
  • Constant communication between coach and athlete
  • Personal diary: Yes
  • Yearly sport preparation plan: Yes
  • Nutrition guidance: Yes
  • Control tests: Yes

Single training class

Classes for kids

Classes for kids is the newest project of School of character. The classes are targeted towards the conditioning of young athletes. During the training, the kid gets guidance on sports which can be suitable for them (if they still have not found one to go for).

The classes set a solid base of the physical development of the kid.

*Gym membership is not included in the price.

  • Adapted to the individual level of preparation of the kid
  • The training plan is adjusted towards the sport the kid is preparing for
  • Discount for groups of 3-8 kids

Single class

Cycling class

The cycling classes are available for everyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike, or to experience a professional approach in building the basis in professional cycling.

School of character has a certified cycling coach, registered in the official Bulgarian accreditation register- Lyubomir Spassow.

  • Day: subject to agreement
  • Time: subject to agreement

Single consultation

Specialized advise for selection of a suitable bicycle and equipment

The service includes professional consulting upon selecting a bicycle. Very often the ones who are just stepping in the cycling world are not sure what type of bike to choose. Some of our clients have had negative purchasing experience because they have not been properly consulted on the type and size of bike they need to purchase and we are here to provide professional support during this process.

The service includes: a short discussion on the needs and budget of the customer and afterwards guidance on selecting the right type of bike in the right size. We also offer going to the store together with the customer.

  • Professional advise upon purchasing a bicycle

Monthly Fee

Administering a licensed cycling team

School of character offers the opportunity to administer cycling clubs. This is a good opportunity for all amateurs who would like to setup their own cycling club and to have it licensed with the Bulgarian cycling union. As per their requirements each club must have a licensed coach.

*The price does not include yearly training plans and training strategies.

  • Days: subject to agreement
  • Time: subject to agreement

Single payment

Nutrition and training plan

Preparation of a nutrition and training plan for achieving personal goals linked to getting in shape, feeling better and achieving aesthetic goals.
After an initial consultation, the coach prepares a plan for transforming the current habits of the client into a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe in gradual and permanent change rather than quick results driven by severe restrictions.

  • Personal diary: Yes
  • Personal menu: Yes

Lecture on healthy lifestyle and nutrition strategy

School of character takes it as a mission to educate as many people as possible on living a healthy lifestyle and taking proper care of their health. Our sedentary jobs raise more and more questions on how we can embed more healthy habits into our routines linked to being more active, eating healthier and feeling better.

Lyubomir Spassow has always strived to help people answer those questions and maybe light their spark for sports.

  • Day: subject to agreement
  • Time: subject to agreement

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Frequently asked questios

Where do the classes take place?

The classes take place in Sports Center Europe in Drujba and gym GYMSA in Mladost.

I have never done strength training before, can I still join the group classes?

Even if you have no experience, you can still join the group and we will make sure to do a proper introduction to strength training and help you develop your skills.

I would like to start participating in races but do not know where to start

School of character is the right place for you, we offer individual approach, end-to end preparation, tailored training plans adapted to your races.

I am preparing for some upcoming races by myself and need some guidance

School of character can help you in organizing your training process through splitting it in different stages with specific goals.

I already have a mains sport. Can I find support for improving my performance?

This is the main goal of School of character- be there to support the athlete in their preparation and help them develop in their full potential.

I have started different training and nutrition plans but have quit them no longer after due to the severely restrictive approach. Can you still help me out?

We at School of character have our own vision of living a healthy lifestyle- you need to be satisfied by it and feel the pleasure of life. Our vision does not aim for short lived restrictive plans for training and nutrition but rather finding a long term balance.

I have an injury and need to recover from it, Can I start training with School of character? Are your trainings suitable for me?

If you have completed your rehabilitation course with a medical specialist and you have clearance you can continue to the next stage, we are there to support you with what follows after- targeted work towards the specific injury and slow and steady progress towards a pain free life. We do not leave anyone behind!